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God Loves You Just the Same

God Loves You Just the Same

Ironically it is can be the consciousness and selfless people who struggle with depression. Their desire to make their lives count and make a difference in the world can cause excess reflection on the significance of each day. They question their participation in life – always striving to do more for others and the world, wondering if it was sufficient.


And what is that constant evaluation really? In a way - pride. Pride that they can control their days to never be mundane and ordinary. Pride that it is they, and not God, who create genuine opportunities for greatness and the ability to truly make a difference in someone else’s life.


If this shoe fits, then the personal question becomes, “Can I trust that my life is significant on the days when my only offering is a smile?” “Do I get the same elation and peace while not doing anything significant, by simply knowing that I please God because I am his child?”


I reflect upon the delight I derived from watching my young children play. They weren’t doing anything for me. They weren’t child prodigies. They were just enjoying.


For every doer, pleaser, striver and yearner – can you learn to just enjoy today? Your Heavenly Father takes great delight in you, not because of what you do but because you are His.


It is up to God, not you, to create moments when you can help, give or please Him outside of yourself. Accept that in the non-eventful days of life, God loves you just the same.



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