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Life Plain and Simple


If you want to know what you are focusing on, simply ask yourself what you talk about – to both yourself and others…


Life plain and simple 

Is a choice each day

To focus on my problems

Or purpose to seek God’s way


So I pray this morning 

Make miracles of my mess

For that which I have done and undone

I readily confess


Jesus give me energy

To move and go and do

Put me where you want me

Always next to You


Let my mind’s meditation

Be on how big You are

And not on me or problems

But on the Creator of every star


Let me help others today

As you have equipped me to do

Make my body, soul & spirit

Align with Your Word as you want them to


Please bring me favor with others but

Let me see them as you see

Help me look away from all failure 

So that it doesn’t define them or me


No matter the circumstances

I know you are on my side today

I give you myself and my life

Believing you answer what I pray




God Loves You Just the Same

God Loves You Just the Same

Gramy's Hands