I hope this blog encourages you and opens your mind to live freer than you ever though you could be.


My large gold frame might have once held an ornate painting or an antique mirror. I purchased it from an estate sale, declaring my bone marrow cancer over way ahead of the doctors.


“What are you going to put in it?” family asked. Nothing, I thought with a smile. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

It’s been 20 years and I’ve still not put anything in the frame. But it’s my favorite piece of art. It holds something precious, something that no one can deface or steal – a blank canvas of POTENTIAL.

As a child I vowed to never stop growing, searching, learning, seeing and seeking. I never want my potential to be filled! I want to love deeper, give more generously, listen intently and keep my mind open to new possibilities.

Today, I hold my empty frame in my mind as I will be spending two and a half weeks in places I’ve never been and with people I’ve never met.

Regardless of physical pain, I will be immersing myself in the moment: the sounds, sights, culture - now, past and future. What will I learn? How will I change?

No matter where you’ll be today, immerse yourself in the moment. Never reach your potential. Keep learning. Keep loving. Be the blank canvas that Your Creator can one day sign with a smile.


Life Coach