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He Sees Us As Lovely

He Sees Us As Lovely



In exhaustion

I reach for You.


Your arms hold me

And carry me through.


Your Word whispers

And calms my soul.


But days and nights

Still take their toll.


My deepest cry

My heart's appeal.


Please take Your Word

And make it real.


Drive all from me

That is not You.


I offer my life

Please make it new.


For truth never lies

Yet “being right” never wins.


Human effort always “tries”

But there remains sins.



I lay down

And count it all loss –


If I cannot love the unlovely

And carry my cross.


For the unloveliest of all

In God’s mirror I see -


As I learn to love the unlovely

Lord, teach me to love me.

Kathleen Whitten 2/25/06  6:00 a.m.