I hope this blog encourages you and opens your mind to live freer than you ever though you could be.

Go to God

Go to God

When it’s been so long

And you just don’t know

Don’t let your mind go

Because it will chase

At a rapid pace

The worst case


Instead, take it step by step 

Let God protect

And He will direct

Ask Him to move

That which can’t be moved

And you’ll be moved 

To reflect

That all the worry 

And all the hurry

And all the sleepless nights 

And all the stress

And all the talking things into the ground

And all the internet searches

And all the anger

And all the fear

And all the blame

And all the self-isolation

And the shame

Would not bring your healing

Would not bring your answer

Would only bring heartache

Would only bring depression

Only God 

Sends miracles

And peace

And wholeness

And forgiveness

And redemption

He is Our Healer

Our Father

Our Avenger

And God, as only God can

Often sends people you don’t even know

Who care 

And do something

For you

Just because they can

Whether professionals or even strangers

And if God, as only God can

Has ever sent you one special person

Who always prays

Who has faith that it will be ok

Who never gives up 

Who sees you 

The real you

And as Your Heavenly Father sees you

Who would give you the shirt off his/her back

And all the shirts in the world

Who never gives in to circumstances

Who helps to wipe your tears away

Thank them today. 

And thank God today.