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Summers at the Lake


A windy road tree canopy
takes us to our destiny
Embraced by canyon cliff above
the lake echoes God's peace and love

Cicadas hum their summer song
as the wild birds sing along
Early risers enjoy the view
spying on a deer or two

Swing, swing above the lake
"Swing me higher for goodness sake!"
The sun warms us to the core
inside for a peach and outside for more

Down the steps we go to swim
laughing out loud as we wade in
The waters ripple a welcome hello
their coolness bathes us from head to toe

Up we go, "Careful. Don't' fall."
we climb the rock steps to play ball
Lunch time, rest time, let's read a book
Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Good Night Moon ? - I think I can…
Drifting off to sleep I am
Shhh… Stolen moments to be found…
when little ones finally do go down

On the porch with Bible, pen, and tea
God holds me close and talks to me
And soon they're up! And in the canoe!
a purple flower for me and one for you

Dinnertime, dry and content
we ran, we swam, energy spent
Starlit sky and moon above
reflect upon the lake His love

At the closing of the day
nature joins us as we pray
The trees bow with gentle sway
as summer breezes come our way

And generation's of laughter I can hear
even in the silence here
For angels long have come to rest
at this place I love best

The Tiny Finch